Colorful People

When I started this website, I was thinking of prayers that used color in various ways: coloring books, blessing others with a wash of golden light, and so on. But today I am thinking of another use of the word “colorful,” when it refers to people whose language has flair or panache. Their prayers can surely be appropriate grist for the mill here.

I think of one of my friends whose prayers begin by addressing God in a unique way, such as “You who know all things” or “Great Mama.” She then goes on to thank God — by whatever name she’s using — for the boundless love we are given, even if we may not be all that aware of it constantly. From there, she thanks God for any specific things that are on her mind. She wraps it up with a final bit of praise. Often there is no color in the sense of red, green,blue, etc., but who cares? It’s plenty colorful!

2 thoughts on “Colorful People”

  1. Rosana, I love the concept of Colorful Prayer. There’s so many paths you can take in Colorful Prayer.

    I retired as Christian Coordinator from a beautiful Episcopal Church in Palm Beach, FL a few years back. We are now members of St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in High Point, NC.

    Best to you,
    Lyn (Murphy!s Mom)



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