Psalms Coloring Books

The Psalms are full of wonderfully inspirational quotes that go well in coloring books.

I have plans to do Psalms coloring books myself, but who knows how soon? I haven’t finished my St Francis one yet! And it turns out that quite a few fine artists have been busy making coloring books for adults and older children which feature the Psalms.

Here is a selection of coloring books focused specifically on the Psalms.  Click on any image, and its descriptive page will open in a new tab. The only one of these that I have bought is the first one, and I like it. The artist is a woman named Michal Sparks.

This book is made with the Psalm quotes on one side of the paper, and it’s thick paper. If you look through the book at, you can see that on some of the pages the words go around the edges. Personally I prefer the ones where you color the words.

Sometimes people try to sell items at Amazon for outlandish prices, and that did happen with this book. But there is a listing at a reasonable price too.




This Dover book is unusual. The thin pages tear out nicely, and they are meant to hang in a window,to give the effect of stained glass.






This book  contains the entire book of Psalms, with full texts. The coloring part comes in the wide margins, where there are selected artistic words to color. There is also room to write your notes, so it is a combination of a coloring book and a prayer journal.






As you can see on the cover, this collection of pages has designs to color but you don’t color the words. The designs are flowers and butterflies mostly.







There are 150 Psalms in the Western Christian and Jewish traditions, while the Eastern churches have more. They are widely used in all the various denominations of Christianity and of course in Judiasm. Over half of the Psalms have been attributed to King David, who was prolific as a musician and as a writer. Many of the Psalms, not just those of King David, were written to be sung. So if you find yourself humming or singing as you color in one of these psalm coloring books, you’ll be in good company!

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