Make a Simple Prayer Journal in a Notebook

As this will be a simple prayer journal, the directions will be simple too:
[1] Choose a notebook. It could be something you already own or something you buy. What size you want depends on whether you want to carry it around with you in a pack or purse. In that case, a smaller one is best. If you are going to use it at home, you might prefer a standard larger size, like 8.5 inches by 11 inches.

[2] If you wish, you could decorate it. You could draw or attach a photo. There are many thousands of images at that are free to use… they have a search box you can use to simplify the search. Then print it out and attach it to your notebook, inside or out.

[3] Make a title page on the first right-hand page of your notebook. It could say Prayer Journal and your name and the month you are starting. Don’t write on the back of this page.

[4] If you want to make a list of what you do in the journal, leave some pages for a table of contents.

[5] Decide on the format for your journal entries. What do you want to keep track of? Here are some of the things you could put in each entry:

  • The date
  • The person or situation you are praying for
  • How you prayed
  • How you felt about it
  • What happened afterwards (You could leave some space and come back to this later.)

There are other designs but this is certainly good enough to get going! You might just use the date and the person’s name.

The important thing is the praying, of course! But using any kind of notebook entry can help you stay on track.

If you are on Pinterest, here is an image you could pin. And you might like to visit my Prayer Journals and Other Journals board there, for more ideas.


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