A Lovely Dream About the Simplicity of Prayer

One morning I woke from a dream feeling wonderful. Suddenly the simplicity of prayer was so obvious to me.

In the dream, I was in the town where I used to live in Colorado and I was talking with a friend there. She told me that a young woman who had moved there since I moved away was about to have a baby. I told my friend to email me when labor began and I would pray for the birth.

Then I asked her if she could pray for a friend of mine in California and her husband. They were having some difficulties because he was getting over Lyme Disease and was still quite exhausted.

This practically sounds like everyday reality rather than a dream, doesn’t it? Ah, but then it changed!

Suddenly, in the dream,  I understood how simple prayer is.

It isn’t about prayer lists or emails or plans, valuable as those things are. They aren’t prayer. They set you up to pray.

Prayer is every bit as easy as having loving thoughts. It’s that simple!

We can do it at any time. I didn’t have to wait for labor to begin.

We can do it anywhere, for people anywhere.

We can do it without having all the theology figured out. Who is God? Doesn’t matter for prayer. Just put it out there!

This sense of the simplicity of prayer came while I was still dreaming. It’s hard now, several hours later and wide awake, to capture what a huge AHA! that was. But it will shape my prayer life going forward, I’m sure.

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